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Conf Championship

By WarEagle
2/18/2016 6:36 am
Good game DEN.

Surprised I blew that lead at the end. Considering for some reason the AI decided to call 3 straight runs up the gut on my last possession, I guess it's not that surprising.

I wouldn't even have been in the game if I hadn't had those 2 PR TDs.

Congrats and good luck in the Championship game.

Re: Conf Championship

By RunTheGame
2/19/2016 12:50 am
I knew this would be a good one! Surprised to see my offense struggle to score when we were doing a solid job of moving the ball, yardage wise. This has quickly become one of my favorite teams. I'll have to see if I can find the forum post about the trade, but when I first took over this team I traded away a star player to to Terra Haute in exchange for a plethora of draft picks. We had two picks in the Top 5 of the 2018 draft, and we took a DE and DT that really jumped started a complete transformation of this franchise. The LDE we took at no. 3 has 24 sacks as a rookie last season and he had 29 this season. We were able to use our early picks this season to fix our secondary,taking 3 DBs in the first two rounds. Now our defense ranks #1 in almost every category.
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Re: Conf Championship

By RunTheGame
2/19/2016 12:59 am
We've got the #1 pass defense and 3 of our top 5 DBs are rookies. They haven't even reached max potential yet, and we have four picks in the 1st + 2nd rounds of the upcoming draft. This team is going to be scary when all of the young players max out.